1972 Volkswagen Beetle Super Beetle

  • VIN: 1522249744
  • TRANSMISSION: 4- speed Manual
  • ENGINE: 1.6L
  • MILEAGE: 48062
  • STOCK #: P249744A2

*Sold* 1971 VW Beetle ‘Super Beetle’ Convertible

Wonderful Red Beetle with 70’s appropriate Red interior and a black top.
This model was produced from 1970-79 with a change in 72 and came to the states as a Super beetle with the’L’ package.
0-60 does eventually happen, but you’re not buying this iconic incredibly cool car for its performance.
You’ll purchase it because you’ll actually enjoy the drive and the smile you and others get when they see it.
The car sounds like no other, it buzzes, it putters. You know it’s air-cooled with the fan background noise.
It was probably the first car to have dual tailpipes before they were cool.
This car came to us via a trade-in and we have worked on the car in our service department to ensure we can deliver this time capsule in the nicest condition we can.
Yes, the chrome is peeling in places. Yes, it’s had a paint job (a very good one). Yes, you’ll spend a little money on it keeping it driving this nice.
But it’s 48 years old! The car still shows very well and you’ll get to drive and enjoy it for many more years.

Thanks for clicking on our 1971 used VW Beetle Convertible for sale

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