Ferrari Services Require Ferrari Technicians

Anyone can service a Ferrari, right? Learn more as to why it is pertinent to choose a technician with actual Ferrari service vs. someone with exotic service experience.

It’s time for your annual Ferrari service, do you really need a Ferrari technician to do the work, or can it be someone who works on all exotic makes?   Simply said, yes, you really should have a Ferrari technician and let me illustrate why this is.

Many people comment, “oh a car is a car, anyone can change the oil or fix the breaks.”  While this may be true for some manufacturers, this is definitely not true for Ferraris.  In fact, after many years of experience, it has been proven over and over that this could not be any further from the truth.  There are many nuances and intricacies when it comes to servicing these handmade pieces of art.  Take the bolts for example, there are specific ways bolts need to be tightened and specific ones for particular models; risking something like a bolt not being properly tightened could cause a bolt to loosen and cause further damage.  There are even some Ferrari models that are similar in all aspects except for a slight change in a part that may not be noticeable to someone who is not trained to look for it.  Again, this may not seem like a huge deal, but small variances can lead to larger issues.

In addition to assembling the Ferrari properly, there are specific Ferrari diagnostic tools that will scan error codes and other messages, and a technician will be required to understand them.  There are generic scan tools on the market, that many believe can accurately diagnose check engine lights, etc., but this is absolutely not the case.  One can only imagine what can happen with a misdiagnosis and the end cost of correcting the error.

We have discussed before that it is not just the Ferrari services you do, but more importantly, who performs the services.  As a Ferrari buyer, I would actually prefer to buy a Ferrari that has not been serviced at all, than to have one serviced by someone who is not an expert.  Nine times out of ten, that will just lead to a larger expense correcting the errors made.  Always, always investigate who will be doing your service and make sure they are qualified.