FAQ: Porsche Service

What are the common Porsche maintenance services, and how often should they be performed?


Answer: The official recommendation is to service your Porsche every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. If you ask one of our Master technicians, they suggest changing the engine oil and filter every 7,500 miles or less depending on how hard you drive the car.

The standard annual service includes an engine oil and filter change. It is recommended to replace the other filters (cabin and air) every 20,000 miles, but this can be done as needed based on a visual inspection. Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years. More comprehensive maintenance is due every 4 years to include replacing the spark plugs along with the serpentine belt.

At Merlin Auto Group, we perform a complimentary multipoint inspection at every visit to check all fluids, brake pads, and tires.


How do I schedule a service appointment for my Porsche at Merlin Auto Group?


Answer: You can schedule your appointment online or call to consult one of our experts. We also provide complimentary loaner vehicles.


What should I do if my Porsche displays a warning or check engine light?


Answer: It’s advisable to pull over safely and arrange for a tow. The check engine light may trigger for various reasons, some of which could be minor. In fact, the most common culprit is the gas cap wasn’t tightened properly. Nevertheless, having it towed will prevent any additional damage and allow our expert technicians to determine the cause.


What is your process for diagnosing and repairing Porsche performance issues?


Answer: To start, we want to gather as much information from you about what happened. Subsequent steps vary depending on your Porsche’s age. For classic Porsche models, our technicians rely on their extensive experience to pinpoint the root cause and formulate a repair strategy. In the case of newer models, our technicians can leverage advanced diagnostic software to analyze and troubleshoot any fault codes present.


Do you offer Porsche detailing and cosmetic enhancement services?


Answer: Yes, Merlin Auto Group is a factory-authorized dealer and installer for both Tubi and Fabspeed exhaust systems. Our professional detailing team offers a full range of detailing services including paint correction and ceramic coating.


Is it safe to track my Porsche?


Answer: Determining if your Porsche is track-ready should be assessed on an individual basis. We strongly advise scheduling an appointment with our Service Center, where one of our Master technicians can assess your vehicle and discuss any necessary preparations. This personalized approach ensures the safety and readiness of your Porsche for track activities.


What Porsche models does Merlin Auto Group specialize in?


Answer: Merlin Auto Group takes pride in our expertise with select Porsche models, including iconic classics like the 356, as well as high-performance models like the Carrera GT, 911 Turbo, and others of similar caliber. Our passion lies in providing top-tier service for these exceptional vehicles, ensuring they continue to perform at their best.


If my Porsche is still under warranty, does it have to be serviced by an authorized Porsche dealer?


Answer: No, you have the flexibility to select the service center of your preference. However, in cases where you encounter a warning light or issue that falls within the scope of the factory warranty, we would advise scheduling an appointment with an authorized dealer.