Should you be ceramic coating your interior?

May 19, 2023
Should you be ceramic coating your interior?

Ceramic coating interiors?

While we certainly heard of ceramic coating exteriors, what about coating interiors and is it worth it?  First, we were non-believers in ceramic coating period!  However, we could no longer ignore the increasing popularity and thought we better have a second, more in-depth look at it especially with fellow car enthusiasts boasting about it.  In addition, with a quality ceramic coating costing $2,000 or more, we figured there must be value for so many people to be investing this much. We sought out a company with a great reputation, and as it turns out we were wrong in our initial assumptions.

ceramic coating

Ceramic coating for the interior really shines with cars that feature a ton of leather by adding an extra layer of protection. We are all way too familiar with the drudgeries of replacing leather on a Ferrari dash due to heat shrinkage. No, ceramic coating the interior will not save you from the consequences of repeatedly parking your Ferrari in an open parking lot during the summer months. That said, coating the interior will add some UV resistance. Moreover, the interior coating conditions and keeps the leather supple which in turn aids in the prevention of hardening/shrinking/wearing/tearing that ultimately leads to expensive re-upholstery.

Another benefit of the ceramic coating is that cleaning and maintaining your exotic is so much easier.  That extra layer of protection makes it difficult for dirt to stick to the leather or fabric.  The best analogy, that really describes what interior ceramic coating does to car interiors is the comparison of a non-stick frying pan.  Anyone who has ever cleaned a regular frying pan without the non-stick feature knows how difficult and time-confusing it is, and not to mention, how easy it is to cause damage.  The same exact thing can be said for leather or carpet, and lets face it, no one wants to replace leather prematurely on a Ferrari.

ceramic coating gtechniq

In summary, There are certainly some other benefits that are noteworthy, but to keep it simple: yes, we believe that ceramic coating is a worthy investment for your luxury or exotic car. To realize the benefits mentioned above to the fullest potential, we also suggest commissioning qualified individuals to do the job with high-quality products. Our expert detailing team, with 40+ years of professional luxury car detail experience, were trained to be Accredited Gtechniq Platinum Installers. To reiterate, much of the effectiveness of the sealant depends on the paint correction/preparation that takes place prior to its application as well which requires a skilled detailer equipped with proper tools. Factors such as humidity, temperature, and air pollution during application also determine the long-term efficacy of the sealant. Lastly, if the sealant is installed by a Gtechniq Accredited Dealer, a 5-year warranty is offered against stains and discoloration. To learn more about our luxury car detail services, please visit our Detail Services page.


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