Used Ferrari 328 Buyer’s Guide Determining Pedigree

July 18, 2022
Used Ferrari 328 Buyer’s Guide Determining Pedigree

In our previous article, Used Ferrari 328 Buyer’s Guide, we looked at how to determine the value of the car based on the options the 328 has and how those options factor into the supply and demand.  In this article, we will examine the Ferrari’s pedigree and how this will also play greatly into the cost of the Ferrari.

Pedigree is probably the most common thing overlooked during purchasing.  People are very quick to look at the options and people even know to look at the previous Ferrari service, but ask yourself, how does the previous life affect the cost.  How many owners has the 328 had?  How did they care for the car?  Was it garaged its whole life?  Was it in bad climates?  These are all very important questions that you need to look at.  You may find a car that has had 5 previous owners, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  You just need to make sure you have a clear understanding of where the car was, and how it was maintained with each owner, and really just do your due diligence.  Whether a car is kept in a garage is a pretty obvious factor, but maybe not always top of mind when purchasing.  Also, be sure to get clarification as to how the car was stored, was it a carport or an actual garage, etc.  We once bought a car that was stored in a barn and some type of animal had gotten in and eaten at the wiring.  Everyone also has different levels of how they care for their cars so it is important to find out as much as you can.

The last item to discuss in regards to pedigree is the climate the Ferrari lived in.  There are pros and cons to each weather extreme so it is important to know what to look for.  Cold, snowy weather can cause horrible rust situations and so if you know the Ferrari you are looking at is or has been in the northern climates check the car for rust.  Rust can be one of the worst issues to deal with so it is critical you know if the 328 has rust before the purchase.  On the opposite end are the Ferraris in the extremely hot climates.  The biggest issue these Ferraris will encounter is leather shrinkage and sticky buttons.  Ferraris are notorious for the leather shrinking and deteriorating on the dash and console in hot temperatures. We see this quite a bit, especially with the older Ferraris so be sure to examine the interior for this.  While every Ferrari enthusiast is probably familiar with the sticky button issue and knows that this will happen over time regardless of where the car is stored, hot climates will speed this process

You may also find out that the Ferrari you are looking at has been stored in a climate-controlled garage so it does not matter if it was in an extreme climate.  The owner may also seldom drive the car, or only drive it under good weather conditions, keeping the Ferrari in prime condition.  I point this out primarily so that you do not rule out any cars that are in any particular area where the weather may not be ideal, and truth be told, we see more people taking good care of their 328s than not.

Finally, considering Pedigree is a critical part of the purchasing decision and should not be overlooked. There is however, one more area you really need to examine before you select your 328. In our final article, we will detail Ferrari service and what you need to look for specifically, and what things will affect the buying decision.


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