Maserati Service Schedules and Costs

September 14, 2021
Maserati Service Schedules and Costs

Maserati Service Schedules & Cost

As you can imagine, we are often asked how frequently Maseratis need to be serviced and how much it will cost. We thought it would be helpful to put together a schedule based on the manufacturer’s recommendation along with any notes we had. According to the manufacturer's current recommendations, scheduled maintenance should be carried out on your Maserati every 12,500 miles or annually, whichever comes first. For those that do drive their Maserati more regularly and tend to be meticulous about maintenance, our lead Maserati technician, who has been Master Certified since 2010, recommends visiting your service center at 7,500 miles to prolong the health of the motor.

Ghibli, Quattroporte (2014+), and Levante Maintenance

The latest Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante models all share a similar maintenance schedule. Annual services average $500-$600 to include basic maintenance such as an oil change and pollen filter replacement. Replacing the spark plugs is recommended every 3 years. The most comprehensive maintenance is at the 4-year service to include replacing the belts; the average cost of this service is $1700.

GranTurismo Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance for the GranTurismo includes very specific recommendations from the factory at each yearly interval. These services tend to range from ~$1400-$2,000 for annual maintenance. Every 4 years, it is recommended to replace the belts, in addition to other routine maintenance. Replacing the spark plugs is only recommended every 12th year on this model range, which is less frequent than other Maserati models.

M139 Quattroporte Maintenance

Like the GranTurismo, earlier Quattroporte models, powered by a 4.2L or 4.7L V8 motor, have slightly different recommendations at each service interval and average between ~$1,400-$2,000 for annual maintenance as well. Every 6th year, it is recommended by the manufacturer to replace the belts and spark plugs in addition to routine maintenance; this service interval tends to average around $3,000 to carry out.

M138 Coupe, Spyder, Cambiocorsa, Gransport Maintenanc

An earlier M138 Coupe or Spyder should get an oil change and brake fluid flush annually at a minimum. The average annual service expense is between ~$800-$2,400. It is recommended to replace the accessory belt and spark plugs every 3 years for this model range, which is where owners generally see the higher side of the above range.

General Maserati Maintenance

At each interval, the manufacturer also recommends inspecting certain components on your Maserati. Our service center performs a complimentary multi-point inspection that either your Service Advisor or technician can help you understand.

As with any vehicle, standard annual services are not the only factor to consider with respect to overall maintenance costs. For example, earlier Maseratis that were equipped with an automatic F1 transmission have a wearable clutch just like a true, 3-pedal, manual transmission would. Brake pads and rotors are another wearable item that will need to be replaced every so often. Gaskets and seals will eventually fail and require attention as well. Of course, miscellaneous repairs will increase in frequency as the vehicle begins to age.

Much like Ferrari, the Maserati models tend to suffer from the same cosmetic challenges with leather shrinking and sticky buttons/interior trim. While this could be categorized as †wear and tear†and usually found in examples that have begun to age, it's worth noting that addressing these cosmetic concerns can be a considerable expense. To learn more about these nuances, be sure to check out another recent article †Is Maserati Service Similar to Ferrari Service? â€.

Whether you need routine maintenance, more advanced repairs, or cosmetic refurbishments, our service center is fully equipped to service Maseratis of any vintage.


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