Used Ferrari 308, Determining Its Pedigree

October 18, 2021
Used Ferrari 308, Determining Its Pedigree

Pedigree is a very important factor to look at when you are looking to purchase a used Ferrari 308.  Knowing the number of previous owners, the extensiveness of service records and nuances can be critical in determining the Ferrari’s value.

First, the 308 was produced from 1975-1985 so finding a car with ownership decades plus is a positive.  What you want to see when looking at ownership is the fewest number of owners possible and someone who really cared for the car.  When you find someone who owned a car for thirty-plus years, chances are good that, not only did they take care of the car, but also that they can give you a lot of history you will need.

Another important consideration is the climate in which the car spent most of its time.  Due to the construction of the 308, they are prone to rust and rust is horrific because once your car gets it, it is nearly impossible to get rid of and it will almost always be a problem.  At the dealership, we will even pass on cars that are in great mechanical condition if they are covered in rust because it is that challenging of an issue to deal with. Now, that does not mean that a Ferrari in the north is bad because it was exposed to poor weather conditions because that 308 may have been properly garaged during cold months so be sure to investigate exactly how the car was stored.

Finally, service records and more specifically, the extensiveness of the records is very critical in determining pedigree.  Knowing all the service that has ever been done to a Ferrari can help you determine so much, how well the car has been maintained, if the car was regularly serviced at the correct intervals, did the owner skimp in areas if possible.  Further, buying a pre-owned Ferrari from someone who understands how to maintain these cars can be very valuable as well.  It is not rare for us to get owners who will sell us Ferraris with meticulous records of everything that was done in regards to the car including, not just the maintenance, but also insurance records and even key chains purchased for the car. We even will get excel spreadsheets at times notating all the Ferrari services performed.

To sum it all up, Ferrari pedigree is very important when purchasing any model and can affect pricing greatly.  Be sure to fully examine the number of owners the Ferrari has had over its life, the climate and storing conditions for each owner, and the completeness of the service records.  A careful examination on the front end of the transaction will help you eliminate buying a Ferrari that is in poor condition.


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