Maserati Service: What’s The Real Story

January 31, 2020
Maserati Service:  What’s The Real Story

What is the cost of ownership for a Maserati?

Over the last few years, the values of used Maseratis have fallen quite a bit; actually, they have fallen so far that many people who previously found the price tag unattainable are now considering purchasing one.  Are they so cheap because the cost of a Maserati service is so astronomical? Is the cost of ownership so high that the value of the Maserati has dropped?  These are questions I get asked a lot and, interestingly, I enjoy answering them because I believe in value, and I think a Maserati is one of the best values in the exotic car space.

Maintaining a Maserati, while certainly more expensive to maintain than a Toyota or Honda, is not cost prohibitive. By and large, Maseratis are terrific automobiles.  What you can expect is a luxurious, Italian, sports car with a gorgeous interior designed with style and convenience in mind.  The unique design of this vehicle is stunning and comfortable, making it a great daily driver.  And, let’s not forget about the engine!  The Maserati will deliver all the speed and performance that you would expect of such an engine, while at the same time delivering a smooth and gentle drive.  Considering all this car offers, I find it to be great for a single person as well as for a family with kids.

Now, let’s talk about what you can expect on the service side.  An annual Maserati service is recommended and, as you have probably guessed, it will cost more than your typical Hyundai service, but much less than a Ferrari service.  You can expect the cost to compare to the service of a standard AMG Mercedes or Porsche.  What you will find is that Maserati parts such as, brakes and rotors are not prohibitively expensive, they just need to be maintained regularly to avoid larger, more costly services.  A Maserati will last many years, trouble-free if it is properly maintained.  It is important to qualify that this applies to the newer generation Maseratis, 2014 and later; the  earlier models, while still not cost-prohibitive to maintain, can certainly pose some different challenges.

There are a few issues that all Maseratis have that are important to point out, especially to a first-time buyer, because they are not common problems in other cars.  Maseratis do have issues with “sticky buttons” and shrinking leather components that their sister company Ferrari is famous for.  To elaborate, “sticky buttons,” are when the buttons in the Maseratis start to develop a tacky feel over the years.  This stickiness has been an issue for decades and there is no easy solution out there.  In addition to the buttons and leather shrinkage, there are electrical issues, like broken window regulators,  that are much more common in these vehicles.  However, aside from these items, you will find the Maserati to be a reliable vehicle that will not take you to the poorhouse.


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