Can Geographic Location Affect Used Ferrari Values?

May 28, 2019
Can Geographic Location Affect Used Ferrari Values?

Many buyers, especially those in the southern or warmer climate areas in the U.S., can be nervous about purchasing a Ferrari from the northern areas because of the stigma that a Ferrari is going to be problematic simply because of its location and what the vehicle may have been exposed to. I hate generalizations, and in this case, you could be missing out on a great used Ferrari by not further investigating a car, and instead dismissing it based solely on its physical location.  Further, if you looked at every exotic car in the north, I am confident you would find many that are in excellent condition and have been very well cared for.  Simply said, you have to make sure to examine the car, and frankly, you should be doing that with any used Ferrari you are looking to buy regardless of the location.

What is the “big fear” of a northern car?  There definitely can be some concerns with these cars, but first lets examine exactly what they are so you know what to look for when you are hunting your Ferrari 430.  Harsh winters and extreme climates are the primary concerns people have when they are looking for used Ferraris.  There is a belief that driving these cars in the winter, and with salt on the road, can cause excessive rust issues, which can be like a cancer and really harm a car.  Yes, this is 100% true, rust can lead to major damage.  However, what you really have to look at is if the car has ever been driven in these conditions.  Many Ferrari owners will not even take their car out in the winter time and certainly not in the snow.  In fact, many people will store their car away for the winter and only allow their Ferrari on the road when it is snow and rain free.

It is also important to note that many times this generalization is made to more common vehicles that are purchased to be driven every day including the snow and rain.  In this case, the statement is much more valid.  As most know, many Ferraris are not purchased to be every day drivers, therefore making the case invalid.

Once again, in order to make the best purchasing decision, you need to evaluate all of the factors for that particular example. Consider which factors can affect the Ferrari’s value, look at the specific circumstances and conditions surrounding that particular Ferrari and come to a conclusion based on verifiable information.


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