Ferrari F1 Clutch Driving Tips For A Longer Clutch Life

December 12, 2018
Ferrari F1 Clutch Driving Tips For A Longer Clutch Life

Replacing your Ferrari clutch is certainly not a minor Ferrari service expense and so it is definitely wise to be conscious of how you are driving your Ferrari, and the wear and tear it is having on your clutch.  There are also different wear factors depending on whether your Ferrari is an F1 transmission or a true-gated, six speed manual.  Driving a six speed manual you have much more control over the wearing of the clutch; you know when you are riding the clutch, you can smell when you are burning the clutch, and you know when you are simply wearing the clutch.

With an F1 transmission, it is much harder to determine when certain driving methods are wearing the clutch, and avoiding the huge expense of premature replacement is definitely of importance.  Here are a couple of tips from our master certified Ferrari technicians on limiting the wear with an F1 transmission.  First and foremost, limit driving your Ferrari in reverse. Driving an F1 Ferrari in reverse is the one thing that will cause the most damage to the F1 clutch.  Second, make sure you never back your Ferrari up a hill or up unleveled surfaces in reverse; this is a sure fire way to burn out your F1 clutch very quickly.

My recommendation, from years of driving experience with an F1 clutch, is to drive the car in sport mode; this will help increase clutch life.  This is not verified information, it is solely based on personal experience with our Ferraris, but we can confirm that driving in sport mode certainly does not wear your clutch any faster.  And let’s face it, this is absolutely the most fun way to drive an F1 transmission!  The other recommendation is to make sure you have your regular Ferrari service so a master certified Ferrari technician can examine your F1 system to ensure everything is functioning properly.  Sometimes a technician can catch something in the transmission that is causing extra wear on the clutch.  As always, regular Ferrari service is the best way to prevent any premature issues, but hopefully these tips will help you to maintain your Ferrari better in between service visits, and also prevent any major clutch issues.


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