Ferrari Service for Older, Classic, Antique Models

July 18, 2018
Ferrari Service for Older, Classic, Antique Models

Two of the biggest challenges people face when owning an older or classic Ferrari can be maintaining and servicing their vehicle. Sometimes, the older the car, the harder it is to find someone who knows how to properly work on it.  To make matters worse, it can also be very challenging, if not impossible, to find the proper parts for the vehicle. So, what are you supposed to do you do when this happens?

The first and best place to go for these types of resources is usually the specific make or model's owner’s club. For example, if you are looking to buy a pre-owned Ferrari 360 and you want to find out about service and parts availability, the most useful information can usually be found on or the Ferrari Club of America’s webpage.  Websites like these are often full of enthusiast members that you can chat with to easily and quickly get your questions answered.  In addition, there are often vendor sections where you can find dealerships advertising Ferrari service and/or parts.

You will also find that there are very few Ferrari service centers across the country that specialize in servicing and restoring older models.  Often, these service centers scour the world looking for dealers and former dealers who have collections of parts from when they sold their stores looking to dispose of those collections.  What happens when the part is discontinued and no one can locate a part anywhere?  In very rare cases, you can find a technician that has been working on cars for so long that the familiarity they have gained with the required parts and special tools has enabled them to manufacture and make the parts on their own.  A great example of this is one of our own technicians, Wade Williams. Wade has been working on Ferraris for over 25 years and often times when an order requires a part that is no longer available from Ferrari, Wade will make the part on his own. This example is rare because, not only do you need the technician with the ability, you also need the special machines to make the parts.

Owning a classic, pre-owned Ferrari is something dreams are made of.  We only suggest you further enhance that dream by doing research on both the service and parts’ aspects beforehand so you will know exactly what you will be dealing with when it is time for your Ferrari Service.  Some cars may require shipping across the country while others need the manufacturing parts, or both.  Either way, it is always best to know this upfront.


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