Why Ferrari & Maserati Service is Crucial for Longevity

October 25, 2019
Why Ferrari & Maserati Service is Crucial for Longevity

High maintenance. This is likely one of the first things you were warned about when you decided to own an exotic car.

There's no doubting that the cost of servicing a Maserati, Ferrari, and other luxury or exotic vehicles are often associated with high prices.

Many understand that prestigious vehicles go hand-in-hand with top-notch labor, but we can’t help but ask, “why?” All engine powered vehicles on the road today share much of the same characteristics, and most any can be taken to the average shop for repairs and routine maintenance.

But not a Ferrari or Maserati.

Vehicles of this class may have some similar characteristics to others, but are separated by craftsmanship and principal that make these more than just a car.

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Image of Red & Black Ferrari 355 engine on a stand while being serviced after being removed from the vehicle.

Annual Service

The engine, transmission, brakes, and just about every other component squeezed into your Ferrari or Maserati are not the same as what you will find under the hood of most cars.

Routine maintenance of Ferraris can rack up quite the bill. Though it may seem that the costs are only extraordinarily high because they are associated with the Ferrari or Maserati name, this is far from the truth.

Every last model produced by these brands is subjected to its own unique quirks and intricacies that make maintenance more of an art than conventional practice.

This means that the technician working on the vehicle will need to have the proper experience and training necessary to service the year and model of your vehicle properly.

How Does this Impact Longevity?

Even down to the simplest jobs like replacing worn brake pads, the processes are subjected to nuances such as sequential tightening of hardware. If things like this are overlooked or forgotten, you are not only at risk of parts wearing down prematurely but can often result in catastrophic results and even considerably higher Ferrari repair fees.

Specialty Tools

Beyond knowing the way the car is built and functions, specialty tools and equipment will be required to work on these vehicles. Often times assemblies and mechanical components are secured to the car in a fashion that is completely unique to these vehicles. Because of that, they will require equipment unique to these jobs. This only further emphasizes the need to find a technician who is trained and experienced with your make and model as they will likely have these tools on hand to effectively perform the job at hand.

Finding Your Serviceman

Ferrari servicing, along with servicing other exotic vehicles, will require you to find the optimal technician. If you are new to the community or have acquired a Ferrari from a different region, locating these services can be a bit of a challenge. But, by setting yourself up on regional forums like Ferrari Chat and joining car clubs, veterans and fellow Ferrari owners will be sure to point you in the right direction to not only find a trained hand, but one that knows every curve and line of your particular model.

Beyond Service Centers

When on the hunt for the right technician for your particular car, limiting yourself only to service centers can do more harm than good. While licensed and reputable centers will draw you in, they are not the only place where a skilled hand may lie. A technician can have received the proper training and equipment to service these vehicles, but work in their own, separate business.

If this is where you will find the best service available to your particular car, you should not deny yourself that quality of service based on name association alone.


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