Ferrari Car Clubs, Worthwhile or Not?

May 8, 2018
Ferrari Car Clubs, Worthwhile or Not?

Ferrari Car Clubs, Worthwhile or Not?

Believe it or not, this is a question we often get asked. The answer really depends on you and what you want your ownership experience to be like.  I, however, always advise joining the owner’s clubs because most of the clubs are relatively inexpensive and the benefits can be big.  First of all,  most of the clubs send out regular publications that always have interesting information about the brand, specific models and interesting news in general. The clubs are also a great way to get to know other people that have similar cars to you and clearly similar interests. The greatest thing about being in the pre-owned Ferrari business is that we really are not in the stereotypical car business; Ferraris are a lifestyle brand and many people enjoy participating in club events and adding to the Ferrari ownership experience.

Further, and especially for new owners, questions often come up that are completely different from any other non exotic they may own.  These answers are usually not too easy to find by simply googling them.  This is probably where one of the biggest benefits of the clubs come into play. Many clubs have a wide variety of members and resources that can almost always help you and/or if not, they will certainly know where to send you for the help. Many members are often fanatics of the brand and have infinite knowledge, and they enjoy being of help to other exotic owners.

There can be numerous clubs for each make, but it is usually pretty easy to sort out the main ones.  Specifically for Ferraris, there is the Ferrari Club of America and a huge online resource Ferrari Chat.  Ferrari Chat is a great resource especially for used Ferraris because there are members who seem to know everything about current to early models.  You will often see questions with numerous answers so you have a wide variety of answers from all over the world.  To sum everything up, I have found the clubs to be of great assistance many times  from both a personal and a business standpoint.

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