When Having Your Ferrari Serviced, How Important is it Who Services it?

April 19, 2018
When Having Your Ferrari Serviced, How Important is it Who Services it?

When talking about servicing your Ferrari, or any exotic for that matter, how important is it who does that service? There are many schools of thought that an automobile is an automobile, an engine is an engine, a transmission is a transmission, they all work the same. While in general this may be true, the reality is it goes far beyond that.

Most will agree that every exotic has a personality, it has nuances, it has intricacies – some good, some bad, and for this reason, it makes it all the more important who is doing your Ferrari service. There are a plethora of service centers out there that will tell you they can work on any make and any model, but there is a reason why manufactures and dealers spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on training and tools.  There are specific tools, diagnostic tools, service manuals and diagrams specific to certain makes to ensure the vehicles are maintained properly.

In addition to the tools, training and experience is critical.  Some technicians have decades of experience and training, which means they have seen a little bit of everything.  The training that some technicians have will be, not just for specific makes, but for individual models, and some even for specific systems for an individual model.  So, when you have a technician with a portfolio full of training certifications, chances are they know where to find common failures or when something looks out of place.  Unfortunately, too often inexperienced technicians can get a hold of a Ferrari and miss the signs of imminent, expensive failures simply because they did not know to look for something.  Because of this, it is true that who services your Ferrari is equally, if not more important, than the actual services performed.

When it is time for your Ferrari service, even for something as simple as an oil change, take the time to make sure the person working on your car is familiar with that model, has extensive experience working on that model, and knows everything to look for when servicing something on the motor or underneath the car. From first-hand experience I can tell you, if you try to save money and get a simple oil change done on your Ferrari, you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars by missing what could be handled today that ultimately turns into a major issue around the corner.

My motto is, “ if you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.“  This sentence alone epitomizes what I'm taking about when it comes to Ferrari service.

Be sure to visit our world class service center for more information on technician certifications and what you should look for.


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